"I had the joy to discover him since he was little. I held him in my arms at his babtism and maybe a part of my madness was passed to him. It is a great joy for me to see that, the imagination, the worries and the thoughts, everything that is well hidden in the human nature, can reach out. My feeling is that of a great freedom for this kind of art manifestation, for the painted objects and also for the paintings. Since the age of 3, Romulus used to draw some caricatures that I thought were made by somebody else, through which he was making a fool out of me. It turned out it was not so. I am really sad that I did not keep most of them.  Romulus’s evolution was spectacular, no one thought he will take this path. At first, he painted religious icons and they all had an eery feel  -  even Alexandru DABIJA, the theatre producer, said that those representations could have been made characters in his most unusual plays… They had some very weird looks and represented some strange characters  -  they did not seem to have anything divine in them. They all looked very suspicious, like they were hiding some dirty businesses, in fact most of them do today. When I saw his way of painting, I realized he was going in a direction that later will expand in a wide range of expressions.  It seems that it really happened and today we stand in front of something that is very hard to put in words, that in the very best way of saying it."

Liviu TIMUS, 2011


"Romulus started his career about 6 or 7 years ago at Vert Gallery where he opened an exhibition with his colleague Avasiloiei, something simmilar in style. He had already outlined a series of characters and sceenes that, from what I see, the capital did not change. He had a number of exhibitions at Youth Theatre in Piatra-Neamt, in other cities of the country and also in Bucharest, where he lives for some time now."

Stefan POTOP, 2011


"Romulus sets his own ways. He has a controlled concept. The painting “Refraction of modern man” is surely a manifest that is shown in all his other works. We are dealing with an exhibition of a certain intellectual level. We have had few exhibitions that were so coherent, like a real manifest. He will have a natural evolution, but I cannot say in which direction because he is also involved in mural art and scenography. I like this exhibition -  it is accordingly to my tastes."

Emil NICOLAE  - 2011 about the "Refraction of modern man" exhibition



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